About Me

‘Traveller, nature lover, amateur photographer, bibliophile and a wannabe writer’… these are some words which can capture glimpses of my personality. Incidentally also a management graduate who has decided to swim away from murky corporate waters.

Who I was then…

I was one of those straight laced nerdy kids who was just wanted to make it big in corporate life one day and as I grew older all I could aspire for were fresh green wads of currency. I finished my graduation and enrolled for a Management Degree in one of the more known management institutes of the country. Eventually I joined the corporate life and was doing decently well when I developed a certain aversion to the rat race.

Who I am now…

In the meantime, lots of changes happened in my life and I began travelling a lot in and out of India. The valley of flowers in Uttarakhand, the glimmering sands of Rajasthan, the Goan Churches, Backwaters of the South and the snow-clad beauty of the North consumed me and drew me back to the one thing that had been my first love…. writing. I am married now and work as a freelance writer professionally while blogging is the way I Soul connect with the rest of the world. I have travelled a lot to international tourism hubs like Italy, Rome, Spain, Paris, Hong Kong and Malaysia and have been awed by the cornucopia of natural and cultural delights that exist in these destinations.

What I wish to Do…

It is my sincere wish to let my readers glimpse the joy and satisfaction that I have felt in travelling and to somehow infect them with my wandering spirit.


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