Bhim Pul In Mana Village Near Badrinath Dham

For making any successful vacation or memorable, it is very important to plan the things well in advance and in a proper manner. Not just that, it is even important to have good information about the place as well as the nearby locations of the place to make the trip even more interesting.
Bhim Pul
Bhim Pul
If you are in search of one such destination that is still not known to a very large number of people but has good importance due to its past, then Bhim Pul is the name you must keep in mind. The place is not far away from the popular Hindu pilgrimage Badrinath and has an interesting past associated with it.

Situated in the small village known as the Mana Village, this small spot is a huge natural rock that acts like a bridge across the river of Saraswati. People here believe that in the historical times, Pandavas started their journey to heaven from here. This rock, it is believed was placed by Bhima to help his wife Draupadi cross the river.

This peaceful place has much more to see for the people visiting here. During the way, you can witness the village lifestyle that is still totally traditional. Small passages, give you a feel as if you are a part of the village where you are walking. Also the nature is totally untouched here by the modern development and that makes it a nice relaxing point. Fewer hours spent here are enough to energize you for a good number of days.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to take a break from the hectic lifestyle and visit a place that has natural treasure hidden in it? If yes then without any delay you can plan a visit to this destination. It is sure you and your kids are going to enjoy the calm environment here.

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