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Travelling to Kerala is one of the most pleasant and delightful trips of the world and leaves behind fond and tender memories in the minds of the tourists, visitors and travellers. While travelling in Kerala, they come across stunning locations, gorgeous spots and scenic sites. Kerala is famous for housing wonderful and God’s own cities like Trivandrum, Cochin, Quilon, Kannur and Calicut. Majority of these cities have something magical and charming in them.

Some more hot tourist and travel destinations include Alleppey, Munnar, Varkala, Kalpetta, Thekkady, Wayanad, Kumarakom, Kovalam and Kottayam. Kerala is full of greenery and welcomes everybody with open arms. It is one of those places which is very friendly and social. The climate is suitable and the best for holidaying and vacationing in all kinds of seasons. Its waterfalls, greenery, beaches, back waters, tea and coffee plantations, houseboats and rocky tracts and structures are very marvellous and add to its vivacity and splendor.

Kerala is also known as the Land of Tigers and Elephants. Due to its rich, social and ethnic inheritance and various kinds of colorful festivals, it is considered as one of the most ‘wanting to visit’ destinations in the entire nation.

Alleppey and its Backwaters

Kerala Backwater Houseboat
Kerala Backwater Houseboat [Source]
This is the ideal place that the tourists would want to visit and enjoy. No other place in this whole wide world can match with it, in terms of beauty, placidity, calmness and composure. It is a place that gives total peace of mind to the tourists apart from relaxing them. It is an unparalleled place, as described by ninety percent of the visiting tourists.

The calm waters, beautiful houseboats, pleasant boat rides and the soul-stirring lagoons and canals, the carefully administered Ayurvedic treatments and Panchkarma therapies and massages and the fun and exciting aquatic sports are something that don’t get out of their minds. Owing to its resemblance to Venice, it is often called the ‘Venice of the East.’

It looks best and stunning and is considered very delightful from the boat rides. Apart from the backwaters, the temples, palaces and the sandy and shimmering beach of Alappuzha are hot tourist spots and give beautiful and stunning views and eyeshots of the Arabian Sea to the tourists.


Chinese Fishing nets Cochin
Chinese Fishing nets Cochin [Source]
It is one of the fast, busy and contemporary cities of Kerala. It has many hot tourist and travel sites for the visitors and travellers. Majority of the tourist packages of Kerala begin from Cochin, also known as Kochi or Ernakulam. Exploring Mattancherry, the Southern Indian Naval Base, and Fort Kochi in Cochin are sure to impress and delight them. Watching the four hundred year old Jewish place of worship and specialized glass pendants, the Saint Francis Church and the Dutch Palace of Fort Kochi is amazingly interesting and bewitching.

Other than this, fishing on the beach of Fort Kochi by making use of fishing nets of China and eating fresh and delicious fried fish available in the nearby fish shops (on the spot) are life experiences that are very enthralling, attractive, enticing, fascinating and fulfilling. The Tripunithura Palace, the Cherai Beach and the Saint Thomas Church are some of the other stunning and interesting spots in and around Cochin.


Kowdiar Palace, Trivandrum
Kowdiar Palace, Trivandrum [Source]
It is the capital of Kerala and is house to multiple famous beaches, hill stations and palaces. The beach of Kovalam is one of the active and scenic beaches of India. It is situated near the city and even the Varkala beach is full of human noise and activities.

Varkala is also located within a short distance from the city of Trivandrum and is easily reachable by road. The beautiful and stunning hill station of Ponmudi is at a space of about sixty one kilometres from the city and offers sightseeing in a cool climate.

The southernmost point of the country called Kanyakumari or Cape Comorin is located around a two hour ride from it. Cape Comorin is the only place in India that witnesses both the rising and setting of the sun and is incomparable in its own way. Many resorts and eating places are situated in this area and all of them serve hot and tasty food items to eat and provide comfortable and well spaced rooms to stay.


Munnar hill station
Munnar hill station [Source]
A hill station in Kerala, it is situated at an altitude of about one thousand six hundred metres above sea level and is breathtakingly and arrestingly awe-inspiring and awesome. It consists of exuberant green surroundings and mountains.

These mountains are locations to fresh coffee and tea plantations, adventure paths and meandering waterfalls and various courts, bungalows, cottages and old playgrounds. Watching all these amidst cool, green and foggy ambience and surroundings feels like heaven.


thekkady wildlife sanctuary
thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary 
It is one of the best places in Kerala and South India, where wild animals like the great Indian tigers, elephants, lions, deer, bisons, boars and leopards can be seen while enjoying boat rides. Sightseeing, boating and staying in the resort are the promising and fulfilling attractions of the place.

Wild animals and some rare birds are watchable to the tourists and visitors from a close distance. The beautiful and interesting resort is located right in the middle of the lake and the tourism packages arrange everything for them, right from eating to boat rides and travelling all around.


Kumarakom Lake Resort
Kumarakom Lake Resort
It is a stunning and gorgeous place which is mainly renowned for its unique and chirping birds, scenic lagoons and houseboats.


Sharoy Resorts Wayanad
Sharoy Resorts Wayanad [Source]
It is a place which is famous for its green surroundings, hills, abundant and exuberant vegetations, plantations and forests.

Kerala Travel Tips

Tourists who are new to Kerala and are not at all acquainted with its culture and traditions need to travel with tour guides who compensate for the language problems and bargain on their behalf. Thus, thorough preparation and attention should be taken by them while they are on a trip to this state. Once this is done, the tourists are bound to enjoy and cherish the travel and tour in Kerala for the remaining parts of their lives. They should keep all those points in mind that are essential with regard to that place.

Money is something that is very important to be carried along by them and should be available in plenty, so that they have no problems with staying and eating there. They should also be very familiar with the banking timings in case they get stuck with some emergency and want to withdraw cash and indulge in transaction operations and processes. Visiting Kerala during the monsoons and after September would be highly beneficial and should be considered by them.

Carrying umbrellas, hats, skin guard lotions, goggles and light weight cotton dresses would be apt for the kind of weather that exists there. Carrying credit cards and drinking safe mineral water would be advisable. Eating good quality and hygenic food items is necessary, keeping the point in mind that they would have to travel to many places and long distances. For this, they need to be energetic and strong, and this would be possible only when they would eat good food items.

There are many hotels and restaurants in Kerala that provide all kinds of food items, ranging from hot Chinese to Indian and from Continental to conventional and longstanding South Indian dishes. Smoking in public places, public displays of lewdness and indecency and doing drugs are strictly prohibited and punishable under the Indian law. Indulging in brawls and rude behavior is also unacceptable and is considered as something very unpleasant by (and may enrage) the

Wildlife National Parks should be entered into, only, by taking permission from the respected authorities, and Ayurvedic treatments should be taken only from those centres which are licensed, approved and authentic. While touring Kerala, it is important for the tourists to visit all the famous places and sites that are mentioned beow. This would help them with getting a complete feel, spirit and experience of them, which would be truly pleasurable and gratifying.

Thus, Kerala travel and tour in India is something that needs to be explored and observed so that the experiences can be enjoyed and cherished for the rest of the lives.
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